North American Astro Calendar - Formerly Known as the "Northern Star"

North American Astro Calendar Ceases Publication

Brian Keats has decided to cease publication of calendars aimed at the Northern Hemisphere. You can still follow his work at

Brian Keats has compiled and published the Antipodean Astro Calendar, a Southern Hemisphere biodynamic guide, since 1985, and in 2001 developed the Northern Hemisphere Astro Calendar for use north of the equator. The calendar is a useful tool for all who are interested in the movements of the heavenly bodies and who value the knowledge and wisdom that associates with this study. Each monthly spread offers a wealth of information, pictures and imaginations. Beyond its value as a planting calendar, here is an indispensable aid for astronomers, organic and biodynamic gardeners and farmers, and meditants, as well as all those who want to develop a conscious participation in the great rhythms that link us with our cosmic environment.

Another Title We Carry

In addition to the North American Astro Calendar and the Northern Hemisphere Astro Calendar, we carry the following title:

The Author

The calendar is produced by author as well of the Southern Hemisphere Antipodean Astro Calendar and the Biodynamic Growing Guide. Brian Keats is an astronomer and spiritual scientist who has been publishing the Antipodean Calendar since 1985. He is also the author of the book Betwixt Heaven and Earth. His website is at

The Northern Hemisphere Astro Calendar is printed and distributed by Growing Biodynamics LLC. Please contact us for sales information.