North American Astro Calendar - The "Northern Star"

What is the North American Astro Calendar?

It is a calendar of the stars, Sun, Moon and planets for North America.

What is the purpose of the Astro Calendar?

The purpose is to help people in the many walks of life make a connection to the celestial bodies and the unfolding cosmic rhythms. The calendar has many practical applications such as gardening, weather forecasting, sky watching and understanding Moon cycles.

What is naked (unaided) eye astronomy?

Getting to know the bright stars and planets without the use of a telescope. The Astro Calendar provides the necessary guidance.

Why is it important to have some knowledge of the celestial rhythms?

Since ancient times it has been known that what happens above impacts on what happens on the Earth below. The Astro Calendar is the perfect tool to lead into these important connections.

What types of people are especially interested in the Astro Calendar?

All those who are interested in the stars, Sun, Moon and planets. Gardeners and farmers use the calendar to help determine weather and planting times. People who are interested in meditation use the fifty-two verses of Rudolf Steiner's Calendar of the Soul to take them through the fifty-two weeks of the year. All those who would like to know the name of that bright planet they are looking at. Dreamers who want to get lost in the magnificence of the Universe.

How easy is it to use the Astro Calendar?

The best way of using this sturdy calendar is to place it in a handy position to check out what Sun, Moon and the planets are doing every day. Keep a pencil nearby to jot down personal observations in the spaces provided on the calendar.

How can the Calendar be useful in my everyday life?

By relating your life to the unfolding celestial movements, you may discover certain patterns. For example, many people's moods are sensitive to the Moon phases, and certain planetary aspects can have a bearing on the human psyche as well as plant growth. By keeping these records one can discover definite personal patterns and be proactive with them.

2015 North American Astro Calendar

Beautifully illustrated, full-color A4 wall calendar; 32 pages

$20.00 retail; quantity discounts available