Northern Hemisphere Astro Calendar – The "Northern Star"

Corrections to the Northern Hemisphere Astro Calendar 2008

Some errors have been found which do not affect the main foundations of the calendar, but which nevertheless could cause confusion for some of our readers. Please note that times are given as Pacific standard time (PST); this is the practice followed throughout the calendar.

Moon/Saturn and Moon/Jupiter Oppositions Corrected

On the top page of each monthly spread, the following corrections to the Moon's opposition times to Jupiter and Saturn, located in the "Planet Nodes and Trines" band, should be noted:

Corrections to Monthly "Events" Listings

In the "Events" section on the bottom page of each monthly spread, the planetary conjunctions, oppositions and squares all need to have 10 hours subtracted from the times given.

Individuals who have already purchased the calendar will receive an e-mail message with an attachment listing all of the corrections, and will have the option of requesting that they be mailed a printed sheet of corrections. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused by these errors.


2009 Northern Star Astro Calendar

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