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Biodynamic Growing Guide – Healthcare for Earth and Humanity

Biodynamics is enjoying world-wide growth. There is an increasing awareness in the community of food quality and production methods. Those who have heard of biodynamics associate it correctly with high quality, non-chemical, organically grown and flavorsome top-of-the-range produce. However, what is biodynamics really? What lies behind it? The Biodynamic Growing Guide, produced by Brian Keats, sets out to give a succinct "big picture" of this restorative path of agriculture that will help take us into the future.

Six full-color A4 pages on coated card stock giving information on:

Every word, color and form in this Guide is important. The guide has been designed to be used. A regular application and contemplation of the guide will help bring about a reconnection to the rhythms of nature and wonderment and joy for the mysteries of the world.

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Biodynamic Growing Guide